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Welcome to The Origami Underground! It is the place to find erotic origami on the web. It's all free, and it's all for you! If you also invent your own erotic models and want to share them, send them in for publication. Your anonymity will be protected if you so desire.

To navigate this site, just click on the name of the model below that interests you, and follow the links to the diagrams. You can then use the diagrams to fold the models. If you like origami, you might be interested in joining the mailing list, or in buying some really good origami books.

Note that the models, pictures, and diagrams are all copyright their original authors, and therefore may not be republished on the web or elsewhere without permission from each relevant author. To contact anonymous authors, ask the site maintainer to contact them for you. The Origami Underground makes no claim of copyright ownership or control over any of the models published here; anyone submitting a model for publication may still, as the author and copyright holder, republish that model in any way that they please.

Book Recommendations
  • Kokigami: Performance Enhancing Adornments for the Adventurous Man by Burton Silver and Busch Heather: Some amusing paper puppets for putting on the penis.
  • Brilliant Origami by David Brill: A very lovely set of models, best wetfolded. Brill's models are just beautiful, such as the family of lions, the elephant, and the rhino. But he also has some funny ones like the exhibitionist (a man opens his coat), and some other fun ones like the eyeglasses, the spelling book, the nut and bolt, and the match box (complete with matches).
  • Flip-Flopped: A Novel by Jill Smolinski: A romantic comedy in which part of the story centers around an erotic origami auction and the theft of one of the models.
  • More books . . .

32 Fun-Filled Origami Models For Your Pleasure

People Together

  1. The Missionary by Marc Kirschenbaum
    Two people having sex.
  2. The Dog by Guillermo Garcia (adapted from Marc Kirschenbaum's "The Missionary")
    Two people having sex doggie style.
  3. The Dog 2 by Guillermo Garcia (inspired by a challenge from Marc Kirschenbaum.)
    Two people having sex doggie style.
  4. Each One Eat One by Marc Kirschenbaum
    A man and woman in 69 position.
  5. Bill And Monica by Jean-Jerome Casalonga (A.K.A. The Mad Corsican Folder)
    Someone at a desk getting head from someone under it.
  6. The Kiss by PapaJoe
    Two women kissing on an old two-dollar-bill.
  7. The 1899 Erotic Story Fold by Tom May
    A man and a woman undress and have increasingly wild sex.

People Alone

  1. The Standing Man by Happy Medium
    A man and his cock, standing
  2. The Lonely Man by Alasdair Post-Quinn
    A man masturbating
  3. The Lonely Man II: The Second Coming by Alasdair Post-Quinn
    A new and improved man masturbating

Female Anatomy

  1. [New] Golden Shower by Mark Leonard
    A vagina peeing a color-change stream of piss
  2. [New] Properly Nekkid Boobs by Uwe Hollerbach
    Breasts with color-change nipples
  3. Dollar Bill Vagina by Master Sugoi
    A dollar bill vagina
  4. Milk...Milk...Lemonade by P. Farina
    The old nursery rhyme rendered into origami
  5. Goin' Down by Bronco Sinkin
    An action model of a mouth with a wily tongue
  6. Tip Of The Tongue by Bronco Sinkin
    An action model of a tongue licking a vagina
  7. Penis Eater by Mitsu-Ori
    A hand reaching for a vagina
  8. Venus Butterfly by Kim Best
    A dollar bill butterfly on one side and vagina on the other
  9. Mounee Fold by Marc Kirschenbaum
    A dollar bill vagina
  10. Bermuda Triangle by Nick Robinson
    A female midsection

Male Anatomy

  1. Sexpeare by Fernando Gilgado Gomez
    A penis with wings
  2. Eyefull Tower by Nick Robinson
    An action penis
  3. Eyefull Condom by jva
    Practice Safe Origami. A condom for the Eyefull Tower
  4. Male Anatomy by Nadav Vaks
    A penis well in hand
  5. Drop On The Tip by Pentheus
    A penis with a drop of cum on the head
  6. The King Size by Alex Ferrari
    A king size cock
  7. Adult Contacts by real adults who will get you laid.


  1. The Naughty Birds by Herman Mariano
    Two birds being naughty.
  2. The Pooper by Ronald Koh
    A dog taking a shit
  3. Sea Lions by Hans Trygve Birkeland
    A couple of sea-lions having fun
  4. The alt.sex.strip-clubs' Seal Of Approval by Earendil
    A seal with an enormous erection
  5. The Dirty Bird by DOM
    An action model of a bird looking for action
  6. The Playboy Bunny by Bill Caruba
    A dollar bill rabbit head

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All pictures and origami models diagrammed on the Origami Underground are all copyright their original authors, and may not be published elsewhere without written permission.